Aeromagnetic Investigation of the Ibuji, Southwestern, Nigeria

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Aeromagnetic Investigation of the Ibuji, Southwestern, Nigeria

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Ibuji area, southwestern Nigeria, has been speculated to play host to some important minerals. This study provides an overview of both surface and subsurface lithology and structure through aeromagnetic data analysis and interpretation with field verification. The aeromagnetic data shows a striking pattern in the magnetic characteristics of each lithology. This was used in deducing the depth, shape and dip of each rock type. Edges of the interpreted structural zones were delineated using Source Edge Detector (SED) techniques. The Standard Euler Deconvolution tool was used to estimate the depth of structures. An NNE-SSW trending fault with more than three hundred meters in length is one of the major structures that has affected this area and is related to the regional tectonic stress field. Since most mineralization are confined within structures, this fault and the hinges of the various folds, identified in this area, have been earmarked as favourable sites for mineral prospecting. The interpretation of the basement tectonics revealed a major fracture zone close to the contact between the migmatite and quartzite at the northwestern part of the study area and has been highlighted as one of the sites for geochemical investigation.

Publication Info:

Author: Bamisaiye, O.A.

Volume: 59

Issue: March

Published By: Journal of Mining and Geology Vol. 59(1) 2023. pp. 37 - 47, 2023-03-01

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