Integrating both Air and Ground Magnetic Data in Evaluating the Magnetic Properties of the Ironstone Deposits in Lokoja Area, North Central Nigeria

Publication Date : 23/05/2022

Author(s) :

Offor, C, Obasi, A.I., Ezeh, H.N, Igwe, E.O..

Volume/Issue :
Volume 58
Issue 1
(05 - 2022)

Abstract :

Both air and ground magnetic data were integrated into determining the magnetic character of the ironstone deposits in Lokoja area, northcentral Nigeria. The result of the analysis indicates that their susceptibilities in residual aeromagnetic data range from 146.68 – 168.17 nT. The susceptibility of the ores varies between those in the basement section and those in the sedimentary environment within the study area. Those in the basement section have a lower residual magnetic susceptibility range (194.410 – 292.99 nT) as compared with their counterparts in the sedimentary area (375.46 – 631.27 nT). This implies that the ores in the sedimentary basins are richer in metalliferous materials than those hosted by the basement rocks. The influence of the host rocks on the residual susceptibility anomalies in the study area is quite minimal. The popular trend of the iron ores in the basement section is east-west direction, while those in the sedimentary basin trend majorly in the north-south direction. The significant difference in the residual susceptibilities of the ores from the two geologic environments, coupled with differences in their orientations suggests that they are of different geologic ages, and could have been formed under different geologic conditions. An analysis of the depth of occurrence of the ores indicates that they are shallow sited ( 150 m)

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