Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Commitment to Open Access: NMGS Publications is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge through open access publishing. We are committed to providing unrestricted access to scholarly research, ensuring authors retain the rights to their work while reaching a broader audience.

  1. Authors Retain Copyright Authors who publish with NMGS Publications maintain copyright to their work. They are free to reuse, distribute, and share their work, provided that any use of the work properly attributes its original publication in NMGS Publications.

  2. Non-Exclusive License to Publish By submitting their work to NMGS Publications, authors grant us a non-exclusive license to publish and distribute their work in various formats and media, including both print and electronic forms. This license is granted on a global, perpetual, and royalty-free basis.

  3. Attribution Requirements and Creative Commons License All published works must be properly attributed, including authorship, title, and publication details. In alignment with our commitment to open access, works are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This license permits redistribution, remixing, adaptation, and commercial use of the work, provided the original author and source are credited.

  4. Addressing Copyright Infringement NMGS Publications takes issues of copyright infringement very seriously. We will investigate any instances of alleged infringement and take suitable measures to protect the rights of authors and the integrity of our publications. Actions may include the removal of infringing content and, if necessary, termination of the author’s relationship with NMGS Publications.

  5. Legal Jurisdiction This copyright policy is governed by the laws of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Any legal disputes or proceedings arising in connection with this policy shall be resolved in accordance with the legal system of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  This jurisdiction clause ensures that any legal matters are addressed within a clear and defined legal framework.

Acceptance of Terms: By submitting their work to NMGS Publications, authors acknowledge and agree to the terms of this copyright policy. They consent to the use of a Creative Commons Attribution License for third-party reuse of their work and affirm their understanding of the rights and responsibilities involved in publishing with NMGS Publications.

Science is the foundation of progress, and knowledge is the gateway to innovation. Let us embrace the pursuit of discovery and scholarly endeavors, for they are the guiding lights illuminating our path toward a brighter future.

Prof. A. S. Olatunji, FNMGS — President
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Mission Statement

To affirm the rights of Geoscientists and Mining Engineers in Nigeria and pledge to abide by International Geoscientific and Mining best practice and standards without discrimination on the basis of citizenship, religious persuasion, creed, political affiliation, ethnic origin, race, colour, language, age or sex.

Our Vision

To sensitize and create the much needed awareness among members, States, Country and the International Community on the need to fully harness and develop the abundant mineral and energy resources in Nigeria in a sustainable manner for national development.

Our History

In 1977, the Nigerian Mining and geosciences Society (NMGS) succeeded the Nigerian Mining Geological and Metallurgical Society (NMGMS) which was founded on 15th January, 1961 and officially inaugurated on 17th December, 1962. The society is an international, non-governmental and non- profit making professional organization.